Walther Farms Hosts FFA Soil Identification Competition

The average age of the American farmer is 58 and climbing. Our responsibility to educate the next generation of farmers has never been more urgent. Partnering with organizations like Future Farmers of America, FFA, is a great way to help teach kids about the exciting career opportunities that exist in agriculture. This year we had the privilege of hosting FFA’s annual Soil Identification Competition at our Wiley Fork, South Carolina farm. The Soil Identification Competition challenges students to identify soil types, slope of the land, and identify the land’s best use according to those variables.

The event brought in 60 students from across the state. The students were timed on four test pits, the locations of which were predetermined by the NRCS, and were given a grade on each. The team with the best cumulative score won.

The top three teams were Pelion 1st, Lexington Richland 2nd, and York 3rd.

“We as farmers have a responsibility to educate and excite the next generation to farm,” said Jeremy Walther. “It is a very rewarding career, maybe not the easiest, but in my opinion one of the most rewarding anyone could find today.”