Positive Attitude and Passion Core Value Spotlight – April 2023

If you know Kory Mattson, you know that he lives all the core values but one that really is on display daily is Positive Attitude and Passion!

Kory is the first-person to greet the team as a new day starts and when a big day is expected. He brings a renewed energy to the team and always gets the team ready to go. Even when things are not going the best Kory reminds the team to “keep on keeping on” and complete the task regardless of any hurdles.

Not only does Kory have a passion for people, but he also has a strong passion for potatoes. Equipped with years of experience and a drive to ensure the best possible potatoes are grown, Kory leads the team with new ideas and thoughts.

Kory is quick to share his wisdom with the team and is never afraid to have a passionate debate about potato methodology. When a new idea is brought to the table, Kory listens and then is the first person to start digging into the issue at hand.

The Mid-Michigan Team thanks you for being a leader and we hope to always match the Positive Attitude and Passion you bring to the team daily!