Intern Spotlight: Sydney – North Carolina State University

My internship with Walther Farms has been an excellent experience for learning and career development. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of interesting people who work on and with the farm. The other employees assisted me in learning to do a large range of tasks from field management to data collection. My favorite part of the internship has been that it provides a diverse range of experiences. There is a lot going on daily that the opportunities for learning are both intentional, but also accidental due to the fast paced and often unexpected nature of farming where no day is the same as the last. In a given week I might be walking fields on Monday, frying up potato chips on Tuesday, taking a chemical inventory on Wednesday, and by Friday I’ve made three trips to the UPS store to send out samples. With this much going on it’s been a pleasure to work with the motivated folks who keep the ball a’rolling.