Core Value Spotlight – September 2020

Brandon Stine has shined in many of our values this past year, but his positive attitude and passion stick out the most. As a field manager in Mid Michigan, he is responsible for not only growing the crop and overlooking it in storage, but also irrigation preparedness in the spring and tillage operations in the fall. Brandon takes great pride in his work and you will see that not only the results, but also in the passion that he approaches each day with to do the best job possible.

Whether it is pushing long hours to get tillage wrapped up before a rain event or dropping what he is doing to help get a pivot running, Brandon excels in getting the job done. His desire to always be efficient in what he is doing is not without a keen sense of details and his results are top notch.

Brandon, we appreciate all that you do and the sacrifices you make daily. The Mid Michigan team is fortunate to have you as a team member and your positive attitude and passion are one of the many things that make you great!