Core Value Spotlight: Sacrifice and Serve

Core Value Spotlight - Bob LaFrenz2 Core Value Spotlight - Bob LaFrenz1

Bob LaFrenz. Two words that are synonymous with so many words. He is gruff, he is a little rough around the edges until you get to know him. He might be a little upset with us when I give away his true identity, but we are willing to take that chance so that you all can see the man that we see. Yes, he is all those things, but under those rough edges, the Bob LaFrenz we know shows Compassion, Pride, Humility, Servanthood, with a Passion for Life and Work.

In the short time I have known Bob he has made me laugh, he has made me cry, he has made me angry, but most importantly he has shown me the true meaning of work ethic and what it truly means to care for your ‘family’. He works tirelessly to bring in and ship out quality potatoes. He shows such care and compassion to his crew. He knows what it is like to be on those front lines. He knows how tiring and exhausting a day can be. His crew respects him. They may not realize it in certain moments, but they do. His crew would do anything in the world for him and he would do anything in the world for them.

It’s hard to put one label on Bob LaFrenz. But I do know this: Potatoes are his life. He has proven A Desire To Sacrifice and Serve. Even after an injury that put him on crutches, he was there, on the line, taking care of his crew and pushing for good quality. We all wanted Bob there, and we all also wanted him around for a long time to come. So he was literally taken home, kicking and screaming, so that he could heal. (I am not joking when I say he was kicking and screaming!). On that note, the Nebraska Team recognizes this Valuable friend and teammate Bob LaFrenz.