Core Value Spotlight: Positive Attitude and Passion for Life and Work

Jose Ochoa always comes to work with a smile and a positive attitude about the day ahead. He is kind to everyone and is always ready to jump in to help when somebody needs it. He is very passionate about his work on the farm and is a huge contributor to its success. This summer he stepped up into spraying operations with a positive attitude and did an excellent job. He is always willing to learn new tasks, challenging his own growth and he passes on what he’s learned to other team members. He does anything that is asked of him and goes above and beyond to make sure those things are done right. He is one of those team members that will jump in to cover if a fellow teammate needs the weekend off. He puts in many, many hours for this farm. He is a great dad to his daughter and brings her to the farm for rides in the tractor and trips to the field. He is also one heck of a BBQ chef when the need arises at team events. The West team is more of a success because of Jose and we are sure glad to have him. He makes everyone around him a better person by pushing them to give their very best all the time. His positive attitude is contagious and it’s makes for a good day when you get to work with Jose.