Core Value Spotlight: Positive Attitude & Passion for Life and Work

How we define our Core Value of Positive Attitude:

  • We Possess “Yes I can!” and “Yes I will” attitudes
  • We maintain an optimistic outlook by turning challenges into opportunities
  • We are motivated, driven, and passionate for success
  • We build genuine and energetic relationships with each other
  • We find the positive in every situation and have fun as a team

Heather Honaker checks the box on all these descriptions for Positive Attitude.  She joined the team in May of 2017 to lead the Charlotte Transportation Team.  As most everyone knows, there’s always an obstacle to overcome in transportation.  Every day is unique but always consistent to offer a challenge.  Heather sees these as opportunities and finds the positive in situations and people.  She is passionate about her drivers and in building caring relationships.  She loves developing her people and her team.  It doesn’t matter the request; Heather’s answer is a consistent “yes WE can!” and she will rally her team around the mission.  She believes in her team and is excited to lead them every day through the fight.  Great job Heather Honaker!