Core Value Spotlight – May 2019

We are excited to recognize Jake Blair, Assistant Warehouse Manager at R&G Potato in Idaho, for his Positive Attitude and Passion for Life and Work. No matter the situation, long days, break downs, bad weather, or whatever else the shipping team encounters, Jake has a smile on his face and is helping uplift the whole team. Jake always has a can-do attitude in tough situations. He demonstrates a genuine care for the wellbeing of his teammates. He regularly does what he can to make sure teammates are able to make it to family events and sporting activities, including stepping in to work a weekend or stay late to cover for someone. Jake’s positive attitude makes it easy for him to build rapport with all levels of the team and help foster a culture of enjoying our work.

Jake is also passionate about his family and hobbies, which he is happy to share with the people around him. His days off are filled with hunting, fishing, and family. His passion for work and life are an example to all of us.

Congratulations Jake, we are blessed to have you as part of the team! Keep up the great work!

*Jake pictured on the right*