Core Value Spotlight – March 2024

There have been many changes taking place here on the Mid Michigan farm over the last year or so and one exciting change is the addition of Kerrigan Lynch to our team! Kerrigan came to us last season as an intern from Michigan State University and did such a wonderful job that we couldn’t allow her to leave. She accepted a full-time position as Assistant Agronomist after she graduates this spring. Her ties to Walther Farms go back over the years as her father, Tim, helps us move loads to our customers. She has shown a love for the industry in her time with us thus far that is infectious to those around her. From the first few days she was at the farm her positive demeanor spread to the entire team helping all to share her enthusiasm.

One strong attribute of Kerrigan’s is the level of discipline she carries to always make sure the job is done both promptly and correctly, the first time. Part of her duties involved pulling petiole samples from the Cass City location and she never faltered in completing the task at hand. Once, after a particularly heavy rainstorm came through the area the night before the petioles were due to be pulled, she trudged on through the wet fields the following day, even when it became difficult to walk, showing her dedication to what she does.

Kerrigan is a glowing example of accountability. In the rare instances that a mistake is discovered, or something doesn’t go as planned, she is first to ask what she can do to correct it and takes full responsibility if it was something she could have prevented. She shares this example with those around her by encouraging them to be accountable for their actions when needed to reach our team goals set and accepted by all.

We are certain Kerrigan has a bright future with Walther Farms. She embodies not only the value of discipline and accountability but every one of Walther Farms’ core values. She truly is a wonderful person. If you have the chance to get to know her, please take it. You will come away a better person for doing so as those of us who work closely with her have undoubtedly already done.