Core Value Spotlight – March 2022

Ruben Ruiz has been the site supervisor for the Winslow based Phoenix Transportation Team since August of 2020. He has grown into an irreplaceable member of our team.

His positive attitude and ever-present smile have allowed him to build relationships within our Team, the local Winslow community, and with new business partners in the area. He deals with daily schedule changes with a calm professionalism and his positivity helps the team better manage and understand the fluctuations in the operation. Ruben’s personal standards of accountability, discipline, and integrity have allowed him to grow into a true professional. He constantly searches for efficiency gains in our schedule and has implemented processes to reduce costs across the operation, both on the road and in the shop.

Ruben embodies all of our Core Values and we’re thankful to have him on the team! Thanks for all you do Ruben!