Core Value Spotlight – March 2022 Take Two!

Hunter Fields is an exemplary shop manager and employee in the Southeast. He regularly goes above and beyond to make sure the South Carolina team and those it supports are serviced and supplied with the best equipment, repairs, and skills.

He embodies the sacrifice and service core value, often to the point of perfectionism, not giving up on a job until its done and done right. Hunter does not do any job halfway, while keeping his crew working efficiently and effectively. Multiple times this season already, he has worked with his shop late into the night making sure equipment was ready to go and no aspect of planting was delayed.

When anyone has a question, needs something rebuilt or repaired, or needs help solving an equipment problem, Hunter always steps up to the job, adds it to his full plate and makes it happen. He is extremely knowledgeable on the ins and outs of all equipment and supplies coming through the farm.

Thank you, Hunter Fields, for your hard work in the Southeast.