Core Value Spotlight – Juvencio Garcilazo – November 2022

Juvencio Garcilazo joined the Oregon team in May as a pivot technician. Prior to accepting the new position, Juvencio had limited pivot and irrigation system training, but he had the desire and commitment to learn. In only a few short months Juvencio has learned the ins and outs of our entire irrigation system. Additionally, he is able to operate and adjust system parameters to overcome challenges and can troubleshoot various faults. Juvencio truly “owns” the irrigation system and will do “Whatever It Takes” to ensure that water is available in the fields through the irrigation season.

Furthermore, if a need arises anywhere else on the farm Juvencio is always one of the first to lend a hand. From training harvester operators, to optimizing bruise free numbers, to wrenching on disabled equipment to maximize productivity, Juvencio is a vital leader for the Oregon farm.

Juvencio, thank you for your commitment to learning and operating the irrigation system and leading team members. Your discipline, accountability, and leadership have been essential to the success of our team this season! Keep up the good work!