Core Value Spotlight: Excel in Communication

When I think of Excelling in communication, I instantly think of Brice Stine. Brice sets a very high standard in terms of communication at Walther Farms. He is always sure whether it is an email, a text, or a phone call to include everyone who needs to know. Brice is quick to respond to emails, voicemails, and text messages also. A great example of Brice excelling in communication is this spring as seed was coming in to the Cass City facility, he would send out an email explaining how the seed was piled, how the bin was setup, and potential watch outs for the next day.

Brice communicates with a lot of different people. Pilots, ground rig applicators, chemical vendors, landlords, field managers, crop scouts just to name a few. Never is there a doubt that the details are being missed because of Brice’s clear and concise communication. When talking with others, he is also a great listener. When walking fields with field managers and giving fertilizer recommendations, he is very open to others opinions and ideas. Great job Brice and way to execute to perfection by excelling in communication!!