Core Value Spotlight – April 2022

Special thank you and recognition to Lynette Romansky, Berlinda Segina, Julius Padilla and Javier Aldana for a great seed shipping season!! Amazing coordination and effective communication moving the seed trucks to get offloaded timely and efficiently. Between the shared spreadsheets, texts, pictures etc. The team was able to unload an average of 15-20 refrigerated trailers per day. They shared fun texts that would add a smile and keep the morale high. They were organized and all of them stepped up to the plate with a great positive attitude. There is no doubt that Lynette, Berlinda, Javier and Julius have shown all of us what it takes to be great team players.

They embraced the “whatever it takes” motto! They all helped to escort the trucks from the scale to the storages and even waited to escort them back to the scale. Both Lynette and Berlinda – jumping in their car to find a lost truck. Julius and Javier stepped in when a truck broke down by getting the tractor to take the trailer to get offloaded while the driver headed to town to get his truck fixed. This was amazing as I am sure the drivers have shared what a great place the New Mexico farm is to get loaded and unloaded.

These are just a couple of examples of how the team was able to make seed season a huge success through team morale, unity, communication, sacrifice and positive attitude!!

Congratulations Lynette, Berlinda, Javier, and Julius!!!!!