WF Pride: Focus on Unity and Humility

WF Pride

Focus on Unity and Humility

Chad Cottingham

My friend Rob and I decided to head to campus a few days early before starting classes our sophomore year at Liberty University. We were hoping to meet some of the ‘new’ freshman girls. There the two of us stood, in the middle of the ‘courtyard’, talking and having a good time. Rob yells out, “Hey Chad, this girl’s from Michigan!” Being from Michigan myself, I had to go over and meet her. It was August 19th, 1989 and I can remember it vividly. I had my pants French-rolled and her hair was as high as the Aqua-net Hairspray would hold it. We were styling! We bumped into each other a few more times in the upcoming days. We quickly began dating, and the rest is history.

Almost 26 years later, Kristen and I look back and laugh at our first meeting in that courtyard – where it all began. We marvel at how God brought us together that warm night in Lynchburg, Virginia. We traveled nearly 800 miles to meet someone that lived only 80 miles away – she was from Grand Rapids and I was from Three Rivers. Through the years, we have faced numerous trials, crises, celebrations and triumphs while raising a family with four kids. The challenges and trials have tested our faith in ways we’d never thought possible. It’s through God’s grace and mercy that we are able to rejoice in our lives together.

But through it all, we’ve stuck together and grown closer to God, and to each other – we are becoming unified as one. God’s design spells it out in Genesis 2:24 – ‘This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one’ ~ NLT. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend take time to really think about those you love and cherish – your spouse, your children, your parents, your close friends and our Savior Jesus Christ. A great marriage, friendship, or any relationship, takes work, time and effort. If you are not working to grow closer and more unified then you may be growing apart.

“Dear Lord and Heavenly Father, help us to grow closer and more unified to the ones in our lives that mean the most to us. More importantly, help us to grow closer to You. Thanks for guiding us, leading us and saving us. It’s in Jesus name I pray, Amen.”