WF Pride: Discipline and Accountability

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Recently, it came to my attention that a friend left a very important task unfinished which directly affected their future goals.  I will not say that I was disappointed in them, but my heart ached because I knew the direct effect this would have on what they wanted to accomplish in the future.  It was not a difficult task; I would describe it as, more or less, tedious.  I confronted them about why they had not taken the time to finish this.  When asked, they replied that they were not completely sure of what they wanted to do in the future so were unsure how to continue.  I thought about this for a moment because I understood exactly why there was a hesitation.  I told my friend that I do understand; the future is unpredictable and sometimes scary, but we all must do things that seem unclear at the time because, in the end, this is what guides our future.  I came across this quotation in one of my favorite series, This I Believe, in a passage written by W. David Curtiss who is a former dean of Cornell University and a Pearl Harbor navy veteran; it reads,  “I believe, then, that life can be adventurous and rewarding—not in spite of change and insecurity but because of them. But I also believe that I need not and, indeed, cannot achieve this on my own but only through a belief in, and partnership with, God.”

I found myself pondering even more about the power of uncertainty.  It takes true faith to continue on throughout our lives.   I’m sure one can see where this is going.  I made the connection; with uncertainty comes faith, and to have faith must mean you are disciplined and accountable.  A light bulb went on- my friend was not being faithful and therefore, was not disciplined or accountable for their actions.  We must hold each other accountable, but more importantly, we must hold ourselves accountable.  In Hebrews 12:11, the bible says “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” We must practice our faith in whatever we do, whether it be a tedious task we may not enjoy or making time for God.  Although at times it may prove to be difficult and painful, we must hold ourselves accountable for our actions and remain faithful to the Lord.

“Lord give us the strength to remain faithful in the face of uncertainty.  Empower us with your Will.  Help us in our woes and wearies and hold us accountable for living up to the Will of God.  In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”