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Relationship - Top Left

You have selected “Top Left” as your response.  We assume that you have a high level of trust and win/win intentions as it relates to the question you were just asked.  However, you may not feel that communication and alignment are where they could or should be.  It is very important that we take ownership of our own actions and understand how our behavior and attitudes impact our surroundings. This is particularly important in our relationship with others and with Walther Farms in general.  Investing some time to reflect on our actions will help shed light on the root of the issue(s) facing us.  We hope that the information below will help you improve your situation so that that you can be “Top Right”!

Ask yourself the following questions:

-What has happened to make me feel like communication isn’t where it should be?

-Do I feel like I have a voice in this matter?  Have I voiced my opinion?  Have I done so professionally and with tact?

-Regarding alignment, do I simply disagree with the path that has been communicated? If so, have I voiced my concerns to my leader/manager?

Alignment often seems like a difficult area, but it doesn’t have to be.  Communication is the key here.  You may not necessarily agree with a given situation, decision, or person’s actions but as long as you can professionally and tactfully communicate your view, you will have taken an important step towards alignment.  Remember, your belief or view may not be the path that is taken.  There may be times that you disagree with your manager and that’s ok.  The key here is to talk things out.  Even though you may still disagree, you may have to trust that your leader is making the best decision he or she can with the information available.

In the end, your team will be more cohesive if you have open communication and alignment among each other and your leader/manager.  We urge you to ask for some time with whomever that you feel can resolve your issue and help guide  you into that “Top Right” area.  When that talk occurs, ensure that you approach it with a calm and open mind.  Be prepared to listen and understand any opposing views.  Have tact, remain professional and avoid emotionally charged discussions.

If you would like to speak to someone outside of your workplace, please feel free to contact any of the Team members listed below.  Your conversations will remain anonymous if you wish.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get “Top Right”!

Chad Cottingham, Director of Community & Employee Relations @ (269) 506-0691

Johnny Honaker, Chief of Service Operations @ (269) 535-6118