Core Value Spotlight: September 2015

Core Value Spotlight – September 2015

Willingness and Desire to Sacrifice and Serve

Tucked away in Three Rivers Load out is Gerardo Munoz, who has been silently living Walther Farms core values going on six years. Gerardo Munoz is an outstanding individual, but where he shines and excels is in the core value: Willingness and Desire to Sacrifice and Serve.

Gerardo came on board as an operator but soon started showing his talent in helping run all aspects of an efficient shipping operation. He has a clear vision of the importance of preventive maintenance. He possesses great attention to detail, and has the skills needed to make many needed repairs. Gerardo often stays into the evening repairing equipment to ensure smooth operations for the following day. The last couple years he has used his creative ingenuity to redesign different parts of the shipping line to ensure quality while pushing quantity at high speeds. He understands potato quality and is a great set of eyes to have floating around. Gerardo has a high level of respect for the Company and his fellow team mates. Please join me in congratulating Gerardo Munoz on a job well done living and executing the WF core values.