Core Value Spotlight: May 2015

Core Value Spotlight – May 2015

Willingness and Desire to Sacrifice and Serve

Some leaders lead through command, others lead through fear, some leaders delegate, some are great motivators, and some leaders really don’t lead at all. Kevin Storm leads by example. He is a servant leader. He puts his team, his farm, and his family ahead of his own needs. He jumps in where and when needed. Whether it’s covering a field for a guy so they can go to their child’s game, whether it means staying later than anyone else so the work gets done, whether it’s jumping up on the chemical truck and loading it himself, Kevin is a servant leader. His Mid-Michigan Team follows his lead. His team continues to outperform and improve itself year after year. The cohesiveness and strength of the team is a direct reflection on Kevin’s demeanor.

Kevin Storm embodies all the core values of Walther Farms. Congratulation Kevin Storm!