Core Value Spotlight – June 2021

We would like to recognize two of our interns that started at the beginning of this year: Sydney Seiter and Brice Walther.

Sydney joined our team in mid-January and has been a huge asset to the South East Team. She has been involved with multiple agronomy projects in Georgia and South Carolina such as record keeping, field data collection, harvest data, GAP, new crop research and even traveling to Texas to help with variety trials. Sydney is quick to pick things up and is willing to help with anything.

Brice joined our team around the beginning of the year and has also been a great addition to the South East team. Brice has taken on many of the agronomy duties on the Three Rivers Fresh Crop Team such as scouting, chemical recs, fertilizer recs, irrigating and many other day to day operations. He also volunteered for a quick day and night trip to Delaware to get pipe for a pivot that had a tree fall on it so we could get it back up and running. He has done a great job with all these responsibilities while attending college at the same time.

Sydney and Brice have made many sacrifices to achieve our goals and have done it all with a smile and great attitude. It has been a pleasure working with both of them so far and we look forward to what they have to offer in the future.

Thank you, Brice and Sydney!