Core Value Spotlight: June 2015

Core Value Spotlight – June 2015

Discipline and Accountability

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.  Aristotle

At the bottom of every email Amy sends is this Aristotle quote and this quote perfectly describes Discipline. Fundamental to Discipline is having high standards and being Accountable to those standards on a daily basis. It isn’t a coincidence that Amy embodies the Core Value of Discipline and Accountability. Over the past ten months the Charlotte Transportation Project required an effort that could persevere through obstacles with vendors, with contractors, with customers, and with teammates. The skills Amy used to navigate these hurdles were team building, conflict resolution, negotiation, event planning, human resources, accounting, customer service, and strategic planning to name a few. However, the one constant through all of the challenges faced on such a large undertaking has been Amy waking up every single day and performing as a true professional that lives all of Walther Farms’ Core Values; this is Discipline and Accountability. As a result of all of her effort, the Charlotte Transportation Project launched on time, within budget, and has made 100% of its deliveries on time, safe, and compliant. Amy’s ability to uphold standards and exemplify professional conduct should be an example to us all on how we can live the Walther Farms Core Values every day.