Core Value Spotlight – February 2024

Spring has sprung in South Texas, and with it, a new era of precision agriculture is taking root! Meet Josh Machicek, our Central South Precision Agronomist, who’s kicking off his first full season with a bang!

Josh is not just planting seeds in the soil; he’s planting ideas for innovation and success across our teams for 2024. His expertise in agricultural technology is revolutionizing the way we farm, from optimizing John Deere systems to fine-tuning our tillage equipment, planters, and sprayers.

But Josh’s influence goes beyond the fields. His leadership in sustainability and R&D is paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future for farming.

His passion, dedication, and positive attitude are the nutrients nurturing our team’s growth. Josh, we’re not just excited to work with you every day; we’re grateful for the energy and expertise you bring to our fields.

Congratulations, Josh! Thank you for cultivating success and sustainability. Here’s to a fruitful season ahead! #PrecisionAgriculture #InnovationInFarming #Sustainability