Core Value Spotlight – December 2021

Jose Gerardo Mendez has been a valued team member for over five years. Jose’s Sacrifice & Service is noticed daily. He is always willing to jump at any task, whether it is scooping potatoes at the storages, equipment repairs, or moving trailers in the yard. Jose also ventured south to help during this last shipping season. No questions were asked, he was happy to take on the adventure.

Jose has a natural way to show his unity and humility. He is always looking ahead at the next task and is a self motivator which helps to motivate others. He is best known for his kindness and family-oriented values. He is thankful and grateful every day. His positive attitude helps keep the team going and he always wears a smile. Jose is willing to tackle any task asked of him and refuses to settle. He makes sure everything is right and in working order.

Jose is a true asset to the team – we appreciate all that he does and is. Thank you, Jose!