Edisto River Protection Plan

  • Walther Farms will reduce its existing registration amounts by 50%
  • Walther Farms will work with USGS to install a monitoring station that will track flow rates to promote responsible water use and awareness
  • Walther Farms will drill a backup supplemental well on the Augusta Farm that can be used to provide supplemental irrigation in times of drought.  This will further reduce our water use by 25%.
  • Walther Farms will design the Wiley Fork Farm with wells initially.  We will monitor the information of the flow meter to determine if there is adequate supply of surface water for this farm.  If there is adequate supply Walther Farms may choose to add surface water withdrawal capability following the registration process DHEC administers.
  • Walther Farms will continue pursuing a conservation easement to protect the wetlands which serve as a 900 million gallon water reservoir.

Water Efficiency

  • Walther Farms uses soil moisture monitoring sensors to determine soil water availability and water use of the crop.  This information is used to determine timing and amount of water application.
  • Walther Farms will equip all irrigation systems with the highest efficiency technology minimizing evaporation during watering.
  • 100% of our South Carolina irrigations will be equipped with variable rate watering application software.

Watery Quality

  • Walther Farms will continue pursuing a conservation easement to protect wetlands that provide a buffer between upland acres and the Edisto River.
  • Walther Farms will use precision and sustainable agricultural production practices.  This will include GPS guided equipment along with following strict IPM practices.
  • Walther Farms will provide “just in time” nutrition to the crop by metering nutrients to our fields.  Timing and amount of application will be determined by weekly petiole and soil tests.  This greatly minimizes the amount of nutrient in the soil at any given time and therefore the risk for nutrient runoff.


  • Walther Farms will discontinue the hardwood cutting along the Edisto River that has become a concern.
  • Walther Farms will continue pursuing a conservation easement that will protect habitat for wildlife.
  • Walther Farms will plant over 60 acres of food plots on the upland acres that will provide supplemental food sources to wildlife.

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Walther Farms will continue pursuing a conservation easement to preserve upland acres for agricultural use.
  • Walther Farms will continue to maintain an erosion control plan.  Currently the Augusta farm is planted into cover crop.  Walther Farms will continue to maintain the necessary practices to ensure erosion control.


  • Walther Farms has a long history of investing in the communities we live.  We support and develop programs focused on children, feeding the hungry, and community development.
  • Walther Farms has read the mission statement of FRED and is committed to preserving our natural resources and promoting responsible use.  We strongly believe we have similar goals and core values.  Walther Farms would like to become a member and supporter of FRED.

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    […] Walther Farms proposed $500,000 worth of dramatic changes to their initial irrigation plans, including reducing its water withdrawal registration by 50-percent, and pulling its second registration for water withdrawal that was awaiting approval. The family also offered to drill at least one backup supplemental well on the farm to be used during drought conditions, which would reduce  water usage by an estimated 25-percent.To review the proposal in full, visit http://www.waltherfarms.com/walther-farms-offers-proposal-to-ease-concerns-in-south-carolina/ […]

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